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"NO WAY!!! SHUT UP!!! ... I just got the chills down my spine, that is CRAZY!"
- Christine Dolce a.k.a. Forbidden, Forbidden Radio / Playboy Model


"… Excellent magic performance!"
- American Cancer Society


" Your performance contributed much to the success of our event,and we would highly recommend you to others that could utilize your unique skills."


" Superb!... Our guests enjoyed his Magic and we highly recommend him for your parties and special events!"


"Thanks for wowing us with your magic!"
- Pastor Chuck Booher, Christ’s Church of the Valley


"Love the Jethro magic,there's nothin' better!"
-Josh Rubenstein,KCAL9 News


"...Everyone was amazed and completely entertained. ...I highly recommend you to everyone that is interested in making a special moment for their kids, friends & loved ones. … You have mastered fine art of magic."
- Coldwell Banker


" You were their favorite attraction. It was the talk of the school yard the next morning. … You truly made it a magical event for all 299 students."
- Richard Henry Dana Middle School


"The best magician I've ever seen!"
- Mom


"...If i have to give him a Belt,He's a Blackbelt magician!"
- John Machado, 6th Degree RCJ Machado Blackbelt


"Great show bro!"
- Rener Gracie,Gracie Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt


Jethro Featured In MAGIC Magazine - The Largest Publication for Magiciansmagic magazine

Jethro Featured in the Philstar June, 2004


Jethro Featured in the Los Angeles Asian Journal August, 2004jethro


Jethro's ad in the Pasadena Star News: November, 2004 jethro

Jethro featured in the Azusa Herald Highlander: July 2006


Jethro in the Las Vegas Asian Journal: August 2009

jethro alcuaz


Jethro Featured in The Philstar, May 2013



Jethro Featured in Jiu Jitsu Magazine, Sep.2013

jethro magazine article


Jethro Featured in Jiu Jitsu Magazine, Dec.2014

jethro magazine article





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